Distribution Eugène Gagnon Inc.

Active for more than a century, Distribution Eugène Gagnon, situated in Sainte-Marie de Beauce is a Canadian leader in the distribution of work wear, work accessories, sportswear and hunting and fishing clothing.

Founded in 1909, the company was originally providing fabrics, towels, thread and sewing material. From 1925, Eugène Gagnon, the company’s founder, chose to specialise in the distribution of work wear. He was buying the fabric and had local manufacturer make the clothing; this was the birth of the Jackfield line.

The current sales and purchasing Director, Louis Gravel, is the third generation of the Gravel family to be part of the success of this 15 employees business. His almost 20 years of experience in the field insures a solid future for the company. “My grand-father, Lucien, bought the company in 1960 and has slowly developed the variety of our models. Then, in 1990, my father Yves and my uncle Denis, who became owners in 1975, decided to start importing our clothing lines, mostly from China and Bangladesh, in order to stay competitive against the major brands that were starting to come to Canada at the time.”

Over 300 different models are kept on inventory and sold to more than 2 000 clients all over Canada. We have a policy to not sell to end user as we only sell to wholesalers, distributors and retailers. 

Jackfield has always been able to adapt to the new developments in the industry and to remain very competitive.